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Fly yellow exterior, black leather interior, 5 speed, 3.2 ltr, 6 cyl, mileage:  12,500

This one of a kind 1988 "flachtbau Speedster" has only 12,500 miles on it since it's creation. It's been published in the book Porsche 911 by Dennis Adler and is said to be perhaps the best non-factory body style ever produced. It was built by Bob Anziano as his personal Slantnose Speedster, custom built in 1991 from the ground up using a 1988 Carrera Cabriolet. Everything works on this unique and stylish vehicle.

Catering more to the aesthetic, rather than performance aspects of cars, Bob Anziano has created some of the most exotic 911 hybrids of the 1990's. Anziano is a custom coachbuilder in the tradition of the Porsche special Werks department. This particular vehcile has become one of Anzaiano's most celebrated designs, and perhaps one of the best non-factory styles ever produced. The engine was tuned and mapped by the famous engine builder Alan Johnson of the Porsche Racing Team.

It is now available for sale. Own a piece of unique Anziano workmanship.



Contact:  Roland Toppino - Auto Broker/Owner


Sarasota, FL

Monday - Saturday

9am - 7pm E.S.T.


Legitimate buyers welcome from Spain, England, Belgium, UK, Germany, Italy, South America, The Netherlands, Ireland, and most other countries.